We provide our clients with a deeper level of candidate insight that reduces risk, brings certainty to decisions, saving considerable time, while lowering costs.

We provide each client with an industry leading executive search and advisory solution but what really sets us apart is the level of insight we offer and the concise way this is delivered.


The benefits to the hiring company of this model are significant and include:

  • Save time by seeing and understanding each candidate fully before even committing time to interview.
  • Comprehensive and more accurate information enables better decision making.
  • Reduce the risk of making the wrong hire and the significant costs attached to this.
  • Greater insight improves decision making which means better hiring choices and greater retention rates.
  • Our confidence in this process enables us to offer our clients a two year placement guarantee as standard.

Here's a little more detail about what we do.

Behavioural Assessments Image.PNG

behavioural assessments

Behavioural assessments should be considered an essential part of the modern hiring process when identifying executives. Where most hiring companies get this wrong is by only carrying this out towards the end of the process after numerous interviews and hours invested. This is not a logical approach. At Ardent we place the assessment at the start of the process so our clients are given insight on each candidate before committing any precious time to meetings.

We are able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of assessment solutions by partnering with two of the worlds leaders in the field; Hogan Assessments and The McQuaig Institute.

The assessment tool is chosen at the brief stage. Once a full understanding the requirements of the role is in place the most appropriate assessment tool is identified.

Using the correct assessment tool will enable us to understand how each candidate would likely perform in the role, even highlighting developmental considerations. This process will highlight areas to probe further during interview and suggest example questions to use.

By completing this assessment early in the process we can present a detailed picture of each individual with real insight. Every candidate that makes the shortlist will have completed a behavioural assessment so we know they will be a high potential fit for the role and not just holding a good resume.

candidate video

At short-list stage our clients are able to view short video of each candidate briefly introducing themselves and explaining why they are suitable for the role. Alternatively we can arrange for the candidate to answer a couple of questions preset by the hiring stakeholders.

This enables the clients to get a taste what a candidate is like, how they present themselves and their communication abilities.

Candidates like this as it gives them an opportunity to make a concise pitch for the role.

Candidate Video image.PNG

Competence image.jpg

core competencies

At the brief stage we work with the hiring stakeholders to identify the core competencies required to succeed in the role.

Part of our vetting process is the use of competency based questioning so all shortlisted are able to demonstrate the right combination of skills required to succeed in the role.

due diligence

We take a closer look. Referencing in the modern day is inadequate, only carried out with consent at or after offer stage and given by individuals the candidate has steered you to. These are predictably always good.

At Ardent we take a different approach that enables us to build up an impression of the candidate early in the process. This is done through talking to market peers and ex-colleagues to build a clearer view. This gives us a strong sense of their reputation in the market, how they are viewed and respected by their peers and competitors plus milestones they are known for.

This is frequently more useful, relevant and up to date than a reference. The Due Diligence is carried out by us prior to shortlist further adding to the layers of insight we provide.

Search Report Stage One

search reports

We provide our clients with extensive reports throughout the search. The reports give details on every candidate across the market so our client can have a comprehensive view of all options and be confident that every corner has been examined, no stone left unturned.

Our reports are generated at each stage of the process and are available to securely view and download within a couple of clicks. The reports can be a useful tool not only in terms of the search but also highlighting trends across the sector, significant people moves and promotions.

save precious time

Our approach saves clients significant time letting them get on with other key tasks.

This is achieved through better insight and more comprehensive information all provided at shortlist stage. Before committing time to interview our clients will understand each shortlisted candidates character, competencies, reputation and even see and hear them. Our methods give certainty that the candidates the client commits to meet will be a high potential fit and a productive use of their time. This more effective process often means the client meets fewer candidates.

This level of client certainty can't be reached with just a resume and some consultants notes and sets us apart from the rest of the search industry.

better retention and lowering costs

A more thorough search and assessment process will result in better hiring decisions. Better hires result in more output and can improve retention rates in the company.

Making the wrong hiring choice is expensive for any company and that is just measuring the surface cost. When digging deeper and estimating the real cost and impact of the wrong hire the figures can be staggering.

Even making the right hire can have an unnecessary cost if the process is not carried out correctly and time is lost.

An effective search campaign should be thorough, rigorous and delivered within a concise time-frame. Our level of insight that we provide early in the process ensures a clients time will never be wasted, decisions will be more effective and costs minimized.

our commitment

Our search fee is capped at our clients hiring budget. This means that should our client need to stretch their budget to complete a hire this would not impact our charge. Sometimes gaining internal approval for additional budget is hard enough even without a higher search fee added to the mix. This gives clients certainty on cost from the outset and can save money.

Our more comprehensive and thorough approach to candidate insight brings a level of confidence that the right decision will be made every time. This is reflected in our two year guarantee that we offer our clients that choose this search option.